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Thin Client Solutions

 Thin-client computing is a way of easily maintaining computational services at a reduced total cost of ownership

 Our thin-client solutions provides teachers with the tools they need to give their students a high quality computer-based education allowing them to focus on teaching and learning the curriculum, as well as learning how to use a computer System. And School owners or Cyber-café owners are given the opportunity to cut-back on cost of equipment, maintenance & power.

 It is a low cost computing solution that takes 1 ordinary PC and turns it into 10 or more virtual desktops. Thin-client terminals use CLIENT / SERVER working mode, as there is no hard drive used, all data is placed on the server, when a terminal logs on to the server, the server will give the terminal a pre-set interface, the server receives the commands from terminals issued by the mouse and keyboard, and then sends back the computing results to the terminal display.

 All the upgrades and maintenance are concentrated on the server.

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