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Project Management System

 Our Project Management System is designed to help you manage any size project within your organization by providing you a comprehensive, automated and accessible tool to plan, execute, monitor, and account your company's projects. Its simple interface makes adding a new project a breeze, and maintaining ongoing projects is no longer a challenge.

 A well-managed project has a clearly defined critical path and network of inter-related tasks and dependencies with steps and events that need to occur at each level in order to get to the next level. With our Project System you can easily and quickly set up your project and create and manage work processes, tasks, events and dependencies. You can track externally or internally managed account systems, receive alerts and reminders, record notes, and manage schedules.

 Your organization can keep track of every task of each project through an activities section. Other details can be added to each project, such as attachments and transactions. With the transactions section, you'll know right away who has paid and how much. You can also monitor all of your projects at one time through the projects summary. Or get a listing of the activities with an activities summary. No matter what your projects consist of, your organization will find that our Project Management System will fulfill your needs.

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