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Internet Broadband Services

 At Challydoff, we offer Broadband Internet Access (dedicated or shared platform) via DSL, Fiber or Fixed wireless access

 Challydoff has spared no expense to secure capacity from the best available fiber backbone internet provider services in Nigeria. We have one of the fastest and most reliable internet access available with a guaranteed 99% uptime because we invest in having alternative.

 Challydoff uses Yahsat 1B state of the art Ka-band multi spot-beam technology to offer cost effective, high performance, reliable and wide reaching internet service. The Ka-band multi-spot beams maximises spectral efficiency through frequency re-use to provide high power, concentrated beams targeted over specific areas with high market potential.

 Whether on a C band or KU-band, Challydoff delivers a full range of voice, data and internet communication services using VSAT. We partner with leading satellite service redistributors and have built our proficiency in the various VSAT technologies and devices. We maintain over 25 VSAT installations across Nigeria and Africa. Challydoff has partnered with leading Companies like Gilat Satcom and Sky vision both companies have their base in Isreal.

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 +234 807 609 4888


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