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Information Technology Consultancy Services

  Unlike other organizations Challydoff's IT business consulting services are bespoke and flexible. This translates into deeper layers of consulting with our clients to deliver a solution that is ideal to your goals and needs.

  Our IT Consulting solutions can help you optimize key business processes in order to increase output and maximize savings. Challydoff consultants will meet with the key members across your business, analyze your current infrastructure and delivery landscape, and identify areas where further cost efficiencies can be created.

  What we offer


Our experienced professionals who support our clients in the implementation of large and strategic IT solutions also deliver this expertise in an advisory capacity.

Security Audit

Challydoff provides an IT Security Audit designed to assess the security risks facing your business and the controls you can adopt to mitigate those risks.

Operations & Strategy

We bring deep industry experience, rigorous analytical capabilities and a pragmatic mindset to our clients' most complex business problems.

Project Management

When and where necessary, we will also provide industry-experienced project managers who will ensure the timely and successful implementation of the project.

Impact Assesment

Our impact assessment process is aimed at structuring and supporting the development of policies. It identifies and assesses the problem at stake and the objectives pursued.

Disaster Recovery

Our consultants work with your team to craft a custom strategy and a tactical recovery plan tailored to your culture, environment, style and budget.

Risk Management

We identify, assess, measure and prioritize of risks. We coordinate and economical apply resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events.

Systems Integration

We streamline, centralize and integrate creating a fully functional system with multiple applications that will improve efficiencies in work flow, maintenance, monitoring and updates.

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