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Electronic Document Management System

 As information expands, the ability to access specific documents quickly and easily becomes increasingly more complex, and if important information is not accessible to all who need it, mismanagement and reduced productivity can result. Lost or misplaced information can result in chaos and even legal problems.

 Our Electronic Document Management System stores and tracks the volumes of information you handle each day. These vital resources may consist of emails, faxes, forms, invoices, and other documents. It also keeps track of the different versions modified by different users (history tracking).

 Storing information in folders on a server is a step forward from paper filing. Servers can be configured and accessed by all departments, and with some care can provide document-level access security. However, several pitfalls appear when organizations try to tailor this approach for large-scale information needs.

 When you store documents on a server, you are relying on individuals to file the documents in an organized fashion. To enable this, you must establish a filing system, and then train your staff to follow that system consistently. For example, you might choose to identify invoices with the filename "invoice" and a date, and then save it in the folder named for the company, customer name, or job number. Again, this approach works fairly well in a small-scale environment, where you can easily monitor activities and recover documents that have been misfiled or misnamed. However, this is a labor-intensive effort, and there are no controls to assure uniformity. In addition, document security can become a serious concern.

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