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Monica Arinze
Product Development
As a premier IT Consulting Company, we are positioned to respond to the needs of our clients now and well into the future...
We go beyond what's typically expected of "a web development company". We are capable of executing the most complex...
Challydoff delivers a full range of voice, data and internet communication services. We partner with leading satellite service...
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  1. →Internet Service

    Internet Service

    Whether on a C band or KU-band, Challydoff delivers a full range of voice, data and internet communication services using VSAT...

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  2. → Network Design

    Network Infrastructure Design

    Alt text to go hereTo meet your current and future business demands, Challydoff can design and install a secure, dependable computer network solution leveraging the latest...

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  3. → VPN

    Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Alt text to go hereWe set-up Virtual Private network using DSL and Fixed wireless access that is required for real time online transactions particularly for banks, multinational...

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  4. → Hosting

    Dedicated Hosting

    Alt text to go hereOur solutions are optimized for high availability to decrease your corporate risks. We can also insert recovery solutions, providing complete IT resilience in your hosting environment.

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  1. → ERP

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    Enterprise Resource Planning We offer and deliver one of the most flexible and efficient ERPs which allows your organization to implement a single integrated system by replacing or re-engineering your mostly incompatible legacy information systems.

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  2. → EDMS

    Electronic Document Management System

    Alt text to go here Our EDMS solutions help reduce cost, minimize errors, and improve the quality of products and services. Our solution improves productivity, considering the average worker spends half the day working with documents.

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  3. → HRM

    Human Resource Planning (HRP)

    Alt text to go hereBearing in mind that not all businesses have the staff strength or the budget to properly handle the nitty-gritty details of HR, Challydoff offers Human Resource Planning solutions.

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  4. → PM

    Project Management (PM)

    Alt text to go hereAt Challydoff, we understand that a project isn't something that's part of normal business operations. It's typically created once, it's temporary and it's specific.

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  1. → CISA

    Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

    Alt text to go hereTake your career to an international level and get hired fast. At Challydoff Limited, we know that attaining a professional certification like CISA is a difficult challenge. That's why we...

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  2. → CCNA

    Cisco Certified Network Administrator

    Alt text to go hereAt Challydoff, we offer you the opportunity to become a Certified Cisco Network Associate, we have the most inspiring and experienced facilitators/instructors that guarantee...

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  3. → PMP

    Project Management Proposal (PMP)

    Alt text to go hereOur instructors are top notch, certified and highly qualified project managers that are passionate about passing their skills on to you. It all starts with communications skills...

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  4. → MS Office

    Office Productivity

    Alt text to go hereMicrosoft Office training is about much more than just simple shortcuts. Office is a highly interactive set of tools that users can customize to help...

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